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Uncle Toney And Associates offers a team  to work with the Owner, Architect, Subcontractors, Vendors, and outside consultants to craft a home designed for you with quality that fits within your budget.

We work under many different contract arrangements. With a stipulated cost (fixed sums) contracts, as well as tiered cost plus contracts.  We are confident that we can negotiate and prepare a contract to satisfy any desired contractual arrangement.

One aspect of our operation that sets us apart from many of our residential competitors is that we  service our clients throughout the construction process. Our emphasis on job site supervision helps to ensure a very high level of quality.

We believe that keeping track of the costs of a project in a timely fashion is essential to controlling the job. We work with an "open book" policy of billing and decision making and we allow the home owner or the home owner representative to audit at any time for all cost plus projects. 

Other Services,
In addition to our construction, we offer project management  for projects being built by other builders. We become an agent of the home owner and make ongoing reviews and critique the same.

These services can include one or many of the below: 
Accounting and cost audits and recommendations 
Review design 
Review estimates and budgets 
Review contracts and completion dates
Review payment applications 
Review construction progress
Review construction quality
Troubleshoot problem areas and suggest a remedy
Coordination of architectural and consulting services 

When you choose Uncle Toney And Associates as your home builder, you choose the ultimate in craftsmanship and artistry!




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